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The Heron Tree

Dreams are what fuel the greatest human adventures. They need to have a place in this world, regardless of how outlandish they may seem.
François Delaroziere, Preface in Carnet de croquis et de réalisation

Third stage of the great project of urban renewal of the Island of Nantes, the Herons Tree is a work of art, a moving architecture, located in the heart of a unique site, the former quarry Misery in the district of Chantenay. Located in front of the Loire in the future urban garden called «The Extraordinary Garden», the Herons Tree is a colossal 35 meters high (110 feet) and 1700 tons steel sculpture. The plant take root in this metal structure, taking the form of hanging gardens. It is crowned by 2 giant herons; each can carry up to twelve passengers for a circular flight. The tree’s 22 branches stretcha combined length of 1.4 kilometres (0,7miles). Plants take root in the steel and the public can visit incredible gardens going form branch to branch, like a series of interconnected hanging terraces. Accesses to the herons and to the hanging gardens are separate.

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