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Snow, Wind and Fire

Street art is the art of the unexpected.”
From 10 February 2024 at the Halle de La Machine in Toulouse, “Snow, Wind & Fire” will surprise spectators who will enjoy an unexpected experience, at the heart of the special effects of the shows put on by Compagnie La Machine.

From Saturday 10th  of February 2024, strange meteorological phenomena will converge at the Halle de La Machine in Toulouse. “Snow, Wind and Fire” will challenge visitors’ senses and surround them to create a 360-degree scene. Whether conceived with simple material or requiring complex machinery, these effects all have the same aim: to let the unexpected creep into reality. And while the surprise may be fleeting, the machine will immortalise the moment by photographing visitors’ amazement. Every participant will be able to take away a snapshot of their sensory experience. And all the better if the image is a little out of focus…

So make yourself (more or less) comfortable in front of our effects machines, brave the storms, face the flames, get lost in a whirlwind of snow and let yourself be surprised by the magic of the effects.

From 10 February – Halle de La Machine, Toulouse
Open Tuesday to Sunday – 10 am to 6 pm

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