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The Cliff Staircase is building in Nantes

Set along the cliff as close as possible to the rock face, the Escalier de la Falaise takes place in the Extraordinary Garden. Since octobre 24 th, it connects the Butte Sainte-Anne to the Bas-Chantenay district, like an invitation to travel.

Since October 2019, around fifteen builders from the La Machine company have been building and assembling the four belvederes, the 177 steps and all the steel elements that make up the Falaise staircase, a unique work of art imagined by François Delaroziere . Each console, each guardrail is unique, adapted to the geometry of the cliff. The cutouts of the sheets form a language in which patterns, shapes and assemblies become ornaments. The staircase rests directly on the rock and on the natural sides of the cliff. It is designed to match the relief as closely as possible and magnify the rock itself and the plant universe that develops there. In February 2020, work in the quarry started. The Charier company, under the supervision of Géolithe and ECTS, installed the anchorages for the stairs on the rock face and on the ground.

Walking from the old gatehouse in Square Maurice Schwob located at the top of the cliff or from the Extraordinary Garden, walkers can climb or descend the 28-meter drop along the rock face. The ascent is punctuated by four belvederes, positioned and designed as unique and sensitive stops, offering a wide view of the Extraordinary Garden and the Maritime Loire. During the ascent, the walker can look at every detail, every ornament, every prop, unique and adapted to the relief, organic and alive. At the top of the cliff, the walker discovers the old gatehouse of the keeper. Now an ornate belvedere surrounded by a circular staircase, the gatehouse asserts itself as a remnant of the old breweries of the Meuse.